Monday, March 12, 2012

Reclaim the Frame

Going through some closets and cabinets in my parents home that have not been opened in a long time, I found 4 frames that had images of fruit in the middle.  The frames have a nice vertical stretch orientation and satisfy my desire to illustrate some thoughts.  After taking a Dremel like tool and sandpaper then paint, I've put some images down and proceeded to take some quick digital shots on my rather anti-professional t-shirt backdrop.  The images are blurry and the colors are off, but like everything I post, some day when they are done, I will take proper photos and then post.

Titled: Remorse

Titled: Dunce Control

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New-ish wall piece and painting...

I've been experimenting with different skin tones color blends trying to find what I want for the longest time, and sorta stumbled across one that is quite close to what I envision.  The little guy is a wall piece and is supposed to be in forced 3Dimensional perspective to simulate illusionary depth though it exists in real space.  This is an idea I need to explore more, but its a neat little start.  He is about 5x12 inches and is titled:  I can't fall fast enough.  The skin tone and top coat looks pretty good in person, but as great in a quick digital still for this blog...

I also decided to make a newer painting that basically steals from my postcards.  Its 10x12 inches and is in version 3.5 of probably 5 before I'll consider it complete.  It reads and is titled, heartachers have been lurking in the shadows of ghosts.  I think it's rather dirty/messy still and needs cleaned up, and the two hands need depth and softened but whatevs. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentime's Day!

I was happy to have some of my new series of postcards up for view just in time as Valentime's Day approached.  I don't believe they were as effective or affective as anticipated.
This new series should be 20 cards in total and is titled: Postcards I'll Never Send (PINS).  I think the title is rather appropriate since they are cards meant for a lost love.  Like the first series: Hopeless Romantic, they are created through the grieving process so to speak.  They are suppose to be the statement of apology and sadness through the contrived efforts and slowest form of interaction.  I would hope that people would view these postcards and fill out the other side, address it, put a stamp on it, reread it a few times and wonder if they wrote enough and then get this twisted-knot warmish feeling in their chest coupled with a crunching and crushing rigor of reality that tells them that it's hopeless.  Then you will know how I feel, and I've done my job.
I am still in the early stages of this series and plan on spending many more hours on the cards before they are done.  Even the Hopeless Romantic cards still need work! The glare from the camera is not ideal and neither is the warping from the mat medium that I used last night, but ohhh well.  They will be flat and neato when I'm done.  I still really dislike many of them but it's understandable since they are so early in the process, but I wanted to get something online in time.  Plus they can't all be winners and likely won't be... :/
The above spelling is intentional and purposeful...
(Click on the images for a larger view)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The holiday season always seems to get to me quite a bit... This one is especially gloomy.  The new year better bring good things.
A couple of lovely songs to accompany my fun.

Deer Tick is pretty much awesome.  I would love to see them live!
Artist: Deer Tick
Album: Born On Flag Day
Song: Houston, TX

Artist: Deer Tick
Album: Born On Flag Day
Song: Smith Hill

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Newer postcards....  I still like making them, I just wish the original reason was still the reason.
I don't love having a vertical card, so I may be going over that one.  They all still need more work.
Click on them for a larger image.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hopeless Romantic Postcard Series

Though I'm still excited about my other project, I've decided to do something that involves all the materials that I already own and does not require expensive silicone materials or kilns...
I'm currently working on a series of postcards that I hope in the end creates a "book" of 25 cards.  I'm going with the theme of "Hopeless Romantic" and want to get them published in a neat little box set with some insightful title and purpose.  This of course is the image side and the other will be the more traditional blank space with a ghost image of the front.  If nothing else, its keeping my hands busy while I hurry up and wait.
I still just getting started and have to readdress what I've done thus far, but here is a sample.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Project and it's a big one....

I'm excited to get my new project worked out and like the concept, imagery and difficulty level that will be addressed all throughout.
I made this trophy head at Penland that was a realistic male head life-size and it was on a wood mount, with a brass name plaque and a glass Pinocchio nose.  I basically loved getting around to the different studios and working with different people so we as mixed media as possible.
For this project, I'm going to continue the trophy head idea, but all female forms!  I haven't made a female form for quite awhile.  They will also have the wood mounts and brass name plaques like the first one.  These ladies will however be made from oil-based clay, then cast in silicone and rubbers so I can implant hair, eyebrows and eyelashes directly into the form/material.  I will also add cast eyeballs and teeth when they are visible.
This whole thing should be a long and difficult process, but I've been anxiously waiting to finally go this route even if its just a brief detour!  My bedroom/studio is... well, it is what it is.
The conceptual framework is about memory and the lack thereof, regret, happiness and acceptance.
Image is from my phone this morning, I've worked on this one (the first one) for about four days while watching tv and playing Legos, doing sidewalk drawings and football with my two nephews and one niece.  Its been swell.

I've also rescued this little adorable kitten (on right) that was being rejected by its mean mother the other day.  The kittens name is Frankie Nubbins. My other cat Bigsby is still feeling out the situation and is really curious.

Monday, July 25, 2011

You learn from your mistakes

As you progress through your clay hurdles, one of the most basic things to remember is to always take photos prior to firing any of your work.  Even though I haven't blown up any of my own work in quite some time, you just don't assume anything with this vile material.  Here are some of the little things that were made at Penland.

Penland Show and Tell, I was just out of the Raku kiln with PandaBrian to make most of the show.

a couple of little sketches and the little guy.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Penland Images are slowly being uploaded!

The great crew we had in Lower Clay has started posting some pictures and I'm grabbing them to post here! More will hopefully be on the way soon.  I know there were some pretty hilarious moments and I can't wait to see them again.

The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Steve Dixon

Christy Culp being adorable and patriotic as per usual.

Deda with poise under pressure.

Shona (Canada), Regine (Germany), and Irene (France) enjoying American values.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Penland was amazing!

I just spent the last two weeks assisting Steve Dixon at Penland School of Crafts and very much loved the experience.  I was fortunate to have a great class full of warm and funny characters and tons of other great people around in various departments.  So much fun, hard work and I wish it wasn't already over.......

We did (I believe) 13 Raku firings in a row and I had a great team to help.  We were all exhausted daily, but made up for it by good company and great times!  Penland is so much fun and Susan Feagin knows how to do it right.  I can't wait to go back!

I'll have to upload some new pictures soon, but must catch up on about 9 million emails and other business first.

Panda Brian in process.

Panda Brian in process 2

Penland is pretty.

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